Industrial automation, low power, security engineering

We engineer electrical and industrial automation systems. We listen carefully to the customer‘s needs and propose optimal solution. We engineer with CAD systems such as, EPLAN Electric P8, AutoCAD, E3. Series, Zuken. Our engineers has successfully accomplished engineering projects for the customers in the Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Belarussia.

We engineer:

• data acquisition and transmission and remote control systems, communication interfaces;
• the automation of the technological processes of the boiler, CHP power plants, heating substations;
• the automated control of the equipment for the water preparation, water treatment, water pumping stations;
• the automation of the processes for the manufacturing lines;
• the process automation and monitoring of the refining of the oil products;
• security and fire alarm systems;
• CO2 control system;
• video surveillance systems;
• access control systems;
• automation PLC cabinets and power switchboards engineering.

Engineering of transformer substations and cable lines for voltage from 0.4 kV to 400 kV

We prepare a basic and detailed design and perform supervision of its execution in construction phase, we perform electrical network feasibility studies for special, non-special and regular buildings, structures, and provide consultations. Whenever necessary, we can order topographic or geological surveys, and receive project approvals from the relevant state authorities. We have previously worked in the Lithuanian, Swedish, Latvian and Estonian markets.
We perform works for the transmission and distribution power network operators, railways, solar, hydro, biomass and thermal power plants, oil and gas terminals and refineries, infrastructure, local authority building, shopping centers and other industrial customers:

• Primary switchgear equipment for the transmission and distribution, power transformers, reactors and capacitor banks;
• Cable and overhead power lines;
• Relay protection and automation;
• Control system (RTU, SCADA);
• Electronic communications;
• Automated metering;
• AC and DC panels, accumulator batteries;
• Security and fire alarm;
• Mechanics and architecture;
• Wastewater, drainage;
• Calculations of electrical network, relay protection settings and mechanical part;
• Design of automation and power distribution panels for technological facilities;

The installation works of the power network substations and industrial automation equipment

We perform various electrical and mechanical installation works. We have been working in the Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia.

We install:

• AC and DC, relay protection and automation, communication network, PLC equipment, motor control centers;
• Power cables and terminations up to 35 kV, control cables;
• Steel structures for the manufacturing plants and power substations up to 400 kV.

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